Protection of personal information
We recognize significance of personal information and our social duty to protect them and expedite the proper use personal information as follows.

The specific regulation of use

 Personal information can be obtained by explicitly determining purpose and range of its use. Should the purpose be changed, the agreement of the party concerned is required in advance. However, cases promulgated by laws or emergencies that are required to secure human lives, physical safety, or personal properties are exempted from the above.

The principle in acquisition

 Personal information needs to be required through fair and lawful means. The obtained personal information, except the purpose of its use is explicitly stated in advance, needs to be informed to the said person clearly and promptly expressed.

The restrictions for use

 Personal information will not be dealt with without the agreement of the said person in advance beyond the required range to attain the purpose of the said use.

The security of precise data

 We try to keep the personal data precise and up-dated within the range to attain the purpose.

Safety management

 We will take necessary measures to manage acquired personal information appropriately to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of acquired information.

The review of safety management

 Personal data are maintained by periodically verifying the safety management measures and by undertaking required revisions.

Establishment of personal information protection manager

 Personal information protection manager responsible for dealing with personal data will be appointed.

Supervisions and training of the staff members

 The staff members will be supervised and trained to make them capable of dealing with safety manager measures and personal data.

Supervision of delegatee

 Obtained personal data may be totally or personally delegated in order to attain the purpose of use. In such case, the delegatee, who possibly would deal with personal data, will be properly administrated.

Restrictions of provisions to third parties

 Personal information may be provided to third parties if agreed upon by the said person in advance. The following will not be included in above.
  • In case all or part of personal data management is delegated as described in " 9 supervision of delegatee" within the range required to attain the purpose of use.
  • In case personal data are provided along with the succession of business(es), due to merger or other reasons.
Disclosure of personal data

 In case the disclosure of personal data is required by the said person, it is to be done so without delay. However, if the disclosure corresponds to one of the following, all or part of the data may not be disclosed. In this case, the said person will be notified.
  • In this case it is possible that the life, the bodies, proportions, other right, or interests of the said person or the third person will be damped.
  • In case it is possible that appropriate implementation of this foundation's business(es) is remarkably hampered.
  • In case it is possible that the laws and ordinances are violated.
Corrections of personal data

 In case corrections, additions, deletions(herein after referred to as corrections) are required to modified the disclosed personal data by the said person due to their in congruities with the reality, appropriate researches and the corrections will be conducted with the range required to attain the purpose of use, except for specific procedures are promulgated by the laws and ordinances. When corrections to all or part of the disclosed personal data contents are made, or no correction is decided to be made, the said person will be notified of the corrections, non-correction without delay.

Halt of personal data

 In case a halt of personal data is required by the said person and it is determined that there is specific reason to do so, the use of personal data will be stopped.


 In case the said person is notified that all or part of the procedures of his/her request will not be taken or procedures other than those of his/her request will be taken, the said person will also be notified of its reason.

 In case the personal data are disclosed, the said person is required to submit the request form designated by the foundation of Ibaraki Youth Association information disclosure regulations enacted on May 23rd 2001 under article 6 and is required to identify himself/herself.
  • A legal representative of a minor or an adulthood ward
  • The agent where the person himself concerned delegated it to about doing requests such as disclosure
A step when a leak occurred

 When a leak of personal information occurred by any chance, I notify the person himself of actual relations immediately and try for prevention of a recurrence.

The observance of laws and ordinances

 Observe a law about protection of personal information or laws and ordinances about personal information protection, a guideline and perform improvement of continuation for a social environmental change in total.

An inquiry window of personal information

Inquiries including complaints regarding the use of personal information are to be submitted to the following.
【For inquiries】
Zip code 310-0034
1-1-18 Midori-cho Mito-shi Ibaraki-ken
Foundation Ibaraki Youth Association personal information protection administrator Ichige
Tel. 029-226-1388 Fax:029-226-1445
Some of the anonymous inquiries will not be answered.


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